MEFC Signed Memorandum of Understanding with TelNet Group in Aerospace & Nanosatallite Cooperation ( April 25th-26th , 2018)

MEFC’s Chairman Signed MoU with TelNet Group to cooperate on multiple levels in MENA market through research & development and integration services on the fields of Telecom & Multimedia, Aerospace & Nanosatellite, IoT applications,  and New Energy Technologies. Such event was associated with the attendance of an official launch for SFAX Aerospace Valley Project; which belong to TelNet Group: and of a specialized seminar fetched and presented by esteemed delegates such as the following:

·         Aerospace Valley – Toulouse

·         ESA IAP

·         PWC

·         Airbus DS

·         CNES Toulouse

·         TelNet Space

·         NASA – United States

·         FUJI-IMVAC – Japan

·         Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

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