Middle East Fiber Cable Manufacturing Company (MEFC) is committed to provide its customers with consistent quality products that comply with the specifications laid down by customers and will seek continual improvement of the processes, procedures and quality management system in order to meet their objectives.

MEFC is fully committed to provide adequate resources for the achievement of the quality objectives which are continuously being reviewed during regular Management Review Meetings (MRM). MEFC has adopted these following guidelines to support its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction by:

  • Communicating frequently with customers to obtain proper feedback on its product performances in order to meet the customers’ expectations.
  • Insisting on the best quality commitments from suppliers and distributors to ensure our objectives are achieved.
  • Implementing corrective and preventive actions timely to eliminate source of non-conformity.
  • Enhancing the skills of employees, through training and career development, recognizing that MEFC employees are our most important resource.
  • Using world class monitoring & measuring equipment for the continual improvement of the company’s Quality Management System.


Capable of manufacturing optical fibers (Dispersion Un-shifted Single Mode).


Our Optical Fibers are drawn from best quality performs.


MEFC Optical fibers meet the latest international standards ITU-T, EIA/TIA, IEC, BellCore.

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